All Terrain Power Company, Inc.
Based near New York City
Serving the Tri-State Area and Beyond
Phone: 718-852-4922                                                         Fax: 718-267-0002

Rental of the generator and/or truck is tailored to meet your needs.
The following information is applicable to all rentals.

  • An insurance certificate issued by the production company's insurance company will be required before the equipment can be rented.  There must be adequate vehicle and equipment replacement/liability coverage. The certificate must  have "auto" and "additional autos" boxes checked on form and must name "All Terrain Power Co." as "loss-payee" and "additional insured." This can be faxed to: 1-718-267-0002

  • The generator and/or truck will be considered "on hold" on a first-come/first-served basis and requires timely confirmation to remain "on hold."

  • Bookings require a signed agreement (contract).

  • Cancellations of bookings require 24 hour minimum notice to avoid cancellation fees.

  • An All Terrain Power Co. approved driver/operator (especially for use of the hydraulic generator which is integral with the "converted fire truck") will be required when the owner is not available.

  • Labor, fuel, toll and mileage (for long distances) charges are considered separate from the rental charges.

  • Special parking or location access permits are the sole responsibility of the Renter.

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Rental of the Generator and/or Truck is Tailored to Meet Your Needs.
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Telephone:  718-852-4922                       Fax: 718-267-0002
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